Open Heart, Open Sky

by Cave Cricket

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This album is dedicated to my Dad, with love, hope and healing.


released June 10, 2016

All songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Kira Sassano in West Harrison, NY.
Special thanks to Natasha Jacobs for mixing input
Mastered by Sam Skinner
Album artwork by Marlon Co



all rights reserved


Cave Cricket Portland, Oregon

Cave Cricket is Kira Sassano. Drone folk and percussion.

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Track Name: Grounding, Earthing
plant the seed and watch it grow
dark earth in your fingers
dark earth in your toes
grounding is the way down
the earth sends a line up
through feet, through spine, through heart, through mind
through spirit
Track Name: Morning Light
your touch on my body
imprinted a memory
in a dream I struggle to grasp
in morning light

fall back into sleep
your arms around me
in a dream I struggle to grasp
in morning light

your heart is close to me
your body is far away
in dreams I hope we meet
clarity in morning light
see clearly in morning light
in morning light
Track Name: Open Wide
let us reclaim ourselves
using all our bodies senses
return to childhood
keep your gates open wide

tune out to tune into the life around you
use your feeling sense
there is so much to learn
there is so much to learn
from the wilderness

keep your gates open wide
Track Name: Line of Time
when you are older you will understand
the line, the line, of time, of time, of time, of time
and you will want, you will want
more, of it, of it, of it, of it, of it
for time only travels one way, one way
from birth to death leaves you shaking in its wake
and you can only go one way
forward, forward, on!
Track Name: Coming Home
where do I belong?
open heart, open sky
where can I go?
dream big, little one
I feel huge, I feel small
I’m fearing unknown
I’m fearing unknown
I’m wildly free in the void
I don’t know where to go
return to childhood home
leave those you love
so you can grow
I’m coming home to myself
Track Name: Femme Fortress
woman in fortress of protective solitude
free of fear, showered in light
golden in happiness
I am one with the earth
I am one with the sky
I feel the air on my skin
I am one with myself
Track Name: Solitude
solitude feels good to me
to me to me to me to me to me
I am alone but I am not lonely
I am my own best company
solitude feels good to me
to me to me to me to me to me
I am my own best company
Track Name: Reoccurring Dream
when I dream I return to the same specific wilderness
the wide open river shallow and teeming with lovely stones
where the horizon feels like the edge of the earth
and sundown is bubbling and full of magic

then there are the woods I stand at the edge in a grassy clearing
feeling their deepness and power and might
I am not afraid of their secrets
I want to know them but I am content to gaze and dream of their mossy glory

there are the hills where I perch overlooking a river
and I can feel all of the animals living and moving in the past
though the present
the air is still and the water is standing
Track Name: Tiny Seedling
awakened roots
growing not yet showing
emerging stretching appendage
breaks though sprouting forth for sunlight
and air ever drinking
oh tiny seedlings
we nourish each other for it is springtime
I’m thawing out you’re growing big

oh tiny seedlings
you have grown tall
stretching towards the sky
growing and growing and growing
bearing fruit ever ripening
oh garden
we nourish each other in the heat of the summer
you’re standing tall I’m growing stronger
Track Name: Past, Present, Future
we must not forget our pasts
but we must not let them hold us back
in the present, in the present
we must not loose sight of the path
find your path never stray from it
never stray from it, never stray from it, never stray from it, never stray from it
if you should find yourself lost
reach out your hand and I will pull you back to shore
because I love you, because I love you, because I love you, because I love you…….