Life is Fabric

by Cave Cricket

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Life is Fabric was recorded in 2014
by Geoff Duncanson at Gingerbird Studios in Yonkers, NY
Love and gratitude to Geoff, my family & friends!


released August 27, 2014

Kira Sassano: vox, shruti box, tenor uke, percussion
Kevin Yankou: percussion, bass, pedal noise
Natasha Jacobs: vox, keyboard, guitar
Steve Yankou: piano, cello, violin
Also Geoff contributed percussion and weird noise



all rights reserved


Cave Cricket Portland, Oregon

Cave Cricket is Kira Sassano. Drone folk and percussion.

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Track Name: Learning
curiosity brought the cat to life
life seems new again
witnessing the wonder of a child
as information is learned
as knowledge is stored
roots take hold
framework, reference
budding takes form and shape
a light flickers on
a lantern held aloft
learning is a constant journey
there are many paths and roads
which one will you take?
Track Name: Amulet
protective amulet, i fear god, i fear unknowing
protect me, from danger, from harm
i feel evil spirits around me
i fear the devil below me

shine light on the darkness of my heart
shine light on the darkness of my thoughts

oh sage, oh bay leaf, amber and clove
i burn thee, to set me free

bear tooth, pearls and tiger claw
i wear thee to shield me

bloodstone and st pauls tounge
I hold you close to save my poor soul

shine light on the darkness of my heart
shine light on the darkness of my thoughts
Track Name: Dreams
through dreams
we speak to ourselves
and we say the things
we do not dare to
in waking life, in waking life, in waking life
we say the things that we know deeply but
aren't always surfacing and aware
Track Name: Trans-parency
opaque, opaque
i can't see through
i can’t see the truth

this is an open call
we want transparency, we want to be fully free

condemn those who blow whistles
but they are not criminals
they should not be tortured and locked up

for they are true heroes
heroes to the people
Track Name: Obama
we don’t believe a thing you say, we don’t believe that
you want change, you are a liar, that’s what we say
and people will change in their own ways
you’ve got blood on your hands x2
magnificent oration is your only reason for being
tell us everything is alright, reassure us of that feeling
grassroots, stirred water. nothing will change in your
wake, nothing will change in your stay, one man can’t
change our fate, you keep on talking but your words
don’t have any meaning
Track Name: Elements
who claims the land and who claims a life
meaningful or meaningless?
the land lays claim to all those who wander
carving and painting as they go on their earth canvas
oh if the wind speaks softly to you do you hear its soul?
oh water is life source we are humbled to its flow
humbled to its hold
and what was there is no more
fire cleanse, fire restore!
fire makes the pines grow tall
Track Name: Screens
i see our lives
they are passing by on screens/ tell all, cryptically
our eyes/ they are addicted to screens
we pass time by staring and moving our fingers
pressing and darting/ pressing and darting
what the eyes don’t see/ move by passing silently
Track Name: Nana
your hands are always cold and your heart
is ever warm/ you used to be young and independent
but now you're old you're confused you can’t remember
memories of the past burst forward out of a labyrinth of receptors
sundowning x3
you’re always in song remarking on lifes treasures
you will always be safe and warm you still have your family x2
Track Name: The Sea
her body is a temple, a vessel, a vessel
and it will carry you out to sea
her body is warm like beach

she's selfless, self loving never selfish
a fish in a sea of many, many
a mermaid out to sea

swimming around
find a mate, swimming around
swimming around
find a mate, swimming around

never forget that your body is a temple
and you hold the key
you control the future and how you think of the past
you will find happiness where you seek it, yes
but give your hand to one who is deserving
Track Name: Seasons
winter spring summer fall seasons change
cyclical whirl
i will change with them all
nothing stands still for long momentary pauses
life is fabric life is movement
we all change with the world
all must change it is the nature of the world
winter spring summer fall seasons change
cyclical whirl
Track Name: Jesse & Faith
when you went away i thought my heart would break
i walked around for days with my head in the ground
even though you live so far away i know where your hearts will stay
if we just keep writing songs and we share them with each other
i know the distance wont seem so long
i find comfort in your art i find comfort in your art
your art makes me strong i find comfort in your art
Track Name: Will+POWER
I have willpower!
I am willful in my power!
my power makes me strong!
I am joyful in my skin!
I am healing through song!